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Filenaming and Keywording Convention

for the "OLLI Collection" Gallery Only

Due to the general nature of photos anticipated to be housed in this gallery, a specific filenaming convention is required to manage the collection.  The use of keywords is optional, but must follow the convention described below.  Use of these conventions will improve the ability to retrieve and publish the images in ad hoc situations. 

Filenaming Convention

All files uploaded to this gallery will adhere to the following format.  Files not adhering to this format may be removed from the gallery.  

YYYYMMDD - Title - Photographer's LastnameFirstInitial - Unique ID

For example,

20180420 - Twisted Whiskers - SmithJ - DMC_1234

Note that a "space" is required before and after the hyphens for legibility.  

Keywording Convention

The use of keywords must adhere to industry guidelines as described by the American Society of Media Photographers at http://www.dpbestflow.org/node/332.  

Under the assumption that many people who upload files to this gallery will not have the capability to assign keywords to their files, keywording is not required.   

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