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Welcome to Intermediate DSLR Photography (IDP)

Welcome to our Spring Intermediate Photography class (F101).  We’ll be meeting in Tallwood, TA-3 on Mondays from 9:40 to 11:05. This class will have a shooting assignment announced each week. I encourage you to take as many pictures as you can “working the Subject” by varying camera adjustments, light, arrangement of the picture space as possible and whatever you think might help make it a unique and interesting photo of whatever your subject is. Then, instead of bringing two of those photos to class, we are going to upload them to the OLLI Photo Club (OPC) web site.

File Naming Convention for IDP

Photo file names have the following format (note there are no “spaces” in the file name):





The “AssignmentName” will be specified for each session. The file name contains no "spaces," "hyphens" shall be used to separate fields, all other characters are alpha-numeric.

Uploading Instructions for IDP

1. Create a JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) photo named according to the "File Naming Convention" specified for the gallery.   Note: Depending upon your workflow, you may not want to change the name of an original JPEG file; in this case, change the name of a copy of the original file.

2. Enter the upload link into your browser to show the OPC’s "Upload to ‘Gallery’ ” window.  Note: the link to the gallery used for practicing the upload process is https://olliphotoclubgmu.smugmug.com/upload/KqKFDP/uploadidps0.  You will receive a link to the upload gallery for each session of the IDP course in an email. 

3. Drag and drop your photo file(s) into the window using the file manager of your PC:

          a. in Microsoft Windows, the file manager is File Explorer;

          b. in Apple macOS, the file manager is Finder.

4. Wait till the upload completes and click the "Done" button.

5. View your images at the appropriate OPC gallery.  For example, the IDP galleries are maintained at the OPC photo repository (https://olliphotoclubgmu.smugmug.com), and the practice gallery can be found via the following menu sequence:

          > Galleries

          > Special

          > OLLI Classes

          > Intermediate DSLR Photography

          > IDP Session 0 Sandbox

. . . . . . . . .

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