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The Photo Ops page at the OPC Information Portal is newly established as of February 14, 2020.  It now contains a list of several photographic exhibitions currently open in Washington, D.C.  

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Photography, an Aperiodically Updated Blog

The SmugMug platform is not currently designed for generalized blogging.  So, for more info, see the blog, Photography, at

Quick Course for Beginners

This one-session, highly condensed "beginner's course" is to be presented during a portion of a future "Fourth Friday" club meeting.  The topics include

1. Elements of Design,

2. Tom Ang's Dimensions of Photography, 

3. Exposure and Depth of Field as Basic Techniques, and

4. Composition. 

The PDF version of the slides are on OneDrive at Photography Course, OPC BeginnerDRAFT 20160623 2200

Cube Box Solargraphy

Cubed pinhole camera records the sun's passage in the sky from the 2015 Winter Solstice to the 2016 Vernal Equinox.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Monochromatic Images  (20160108)

February's theme is Monochromatic Images.  A monochromatic image is composed of a gradient of a single color, and has an emphasis on contrast, texture and composition. 

The link B&W Conversion, Notes on contains two documents (see below) providing guidance for those who plan to submit post-processed photos for February’s theme rather than in-camera-processed photos. One document summarizes a portion of David Taylor's "Black & White Photography" which is available at the Fairfax County Public Library. Taylor provides detailed guidelines for using the features of Lightroom to convert color images into many B&W forms. The other document contains brief technical info that helped me understand the B&W conversion process.

Cross Cottage at Mason Pond

Remove fan blade in front right, first floor window's upper panes

The link takes you to a folder containing two PDF files:

"Taylor, David - Black & White Photography"  summarizes Part 3,

"Black & White Conversion via Lightroom" contains tech notes.

Monochromatic techniques used on Cross Cottage (above) solarize the image, desaturate the house, and, using filtering techniques, leave a hint of green.

More Monochromes

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