These galleries are a true representation of Lou's wide range of interests, his skill in crafting stories, his good eye for composition, and his knack for finding warmth and personality in everyone he encounters. For these few moments we can easily see through Lou's eyes, and are all the better for it.

     -- Ed Marion

- - - - - - - - - 

To view all the images from which the Lou Mazzatenta Tribute photos were derived, please visit All LMT Collections.  

Lou has provided insightful photo critiques that are, in themselves, a class in the interpretation of photographic arts and craft.   His comments are embedded in the pdf titled OLLI Photo Club – Competition Critique Log.   Search the Critique Log for "Mazzatenta" to find his comments, select an image of interest, then follow the instructions at the top of the Log to view all the comments for that image in context.  

The photos in the "Portrait" section of the Lou Mazzatenta Tribute gallery include Lou's self-portraits.  The other photos were taken by other OPC members.  

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