Recommended Filename Titles

Arlington House
Birch Pen
Brentsville CH-Jail
Bruin's Jail
Camp Greene
Conn's Ferry
Evergreen Manor
Freedmen's Cemetery
Freedmen's Site
Gadsby's Tavern
Oxon Hill
Rippon Lodge
Swan Creek

Filename Format

Title [, Subtitle] (Date, Source) [ - OPC Source or UniqueID]

Historical Examples:
Freedman Site, Aid Workers Site (1861-1870, Brady) - BradshawG
Freedmen Cemetery, Alex Brick Co. (1899, unknown) - BradshawG01

OPC Example:
Freedman’s Cemetery, Entrance (2017, BradshawG) - IMG_5992

These Titles and this Format will help distinguish and
organize the photos in the TUR galleries.

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